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3″ Xdugef Skull patch with merrowed border
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Review: Pituitary Hunter’s “Brain Theft”

Pituitary Hunter’s “Brain Theft”: A Unique and Perverse Work of Noise that Would Make Cronenberg Proud

Release: Contact Low – I Let This Turmoil Lead Me – or50

jcard_v01Artist statement: This tape encapsulates my personal experiences, traumatic events experienced as a child and teenager and the suffering from Clinical Depression Ihave suffered from starting at an early age. As an adult, I have realized that there is no real reason to exist, no one has any real cosmic purpose and that in some warped way, we are put here to endure. I carry all of my past failures on my flesh, I burn my flesh as a way to pay penance towards my wrong doing. Contact low is a conduit for all of the shit in my mind, a way of dealing with my suicidal depression and self doubt as well as a reflection of how I feel about my place in the world.

c45 cassette tape in Norelco box with Glossy BW inserts on card stock

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Release: Sterile Garden – Miasma c30 – or42

jcard_v01all sounds created with amplified metal
objects and tape manipulation

c30 cassette tape in Norelco box with Glossy full color inserts on card stock

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Review: Pulsating Cyst – Horrible Signal glow in the dark 7″

glowinthedarkThis 7″ is made of glow in the dark vinyl and harsh dark ambien industrial death. Low squashed bass tones linger up down and around squalling arches of hissing circuit-bent jabberwocky. Threading feedback through the eye with needles in it. Putted the toaster in the bathtub style lock and groove end the side. Nice printed label propaganda, band sticker, label sticker, black inner sleeve and thick glossy 2-sided inserts all nice as can be. Overall average+ sounding noise release with above average packaging. Glow in the dark vinyl. Got it for like 3 or 4 bucks, brand new from the label. Obfuscated rules. Pick one up for your kid brother back east, it’ll be a great 1st exposure to noise.

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Release: Human As Disease – 10,000 Volcanoes – or30

CDBlackened earth, void of a once lush planet. Rain falls like mud and burns skin. Bones rattle and slide on shifting graves floating on the surface. The deafening rumble of 10,000 volcanoes. Black skies. All cries have ceased. Eyes melt with ash. A cleansing. For eon we tortured and raped her. Poisoning, suffocating, killing all. Vast machines committing genocide against our mother. She awoke. A last caress. Her molten blood poured from every surface. Choking, melting flesh, burning. Burning. This is the soundtrack to the new dawn. All hail the new dawn of 10,000 volcanoes.

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Review: Droughter – Skin Gentleman’s Club

or10Droughter is Kevin McEleney, who also works under the name Drag Age (which has been reviewed on this blog). On Skin Gentleman’s Club, Droughter douses everything in gasoline and sets fire to it; any rhythms created by looping he destroys, any exhibiting signs of musicianship are eventually waylaid. Droughter leaves a desolate landscape in his wake, and the album is so completely off-putting that it’s just fantastic. Continue reading

Review:Josh Lay/Crown of Bone – This is a Tourniquet of the Light, the Black Obituary.


CDOR4_front_insertBefore this split release I hadn’t heard anything from Josh Lay as a solo artist; he used to be a part of Cadaver in Drag (which I love, and I cherish the one cassette I have by them), and he’s also got his own moniker of Swamp Horse. Crown of Bone is a project by Dustin Alan Redington who runs Occult Supremacy (shameless plug: Tomb of Trinkets’ Drugged Lunch will be coming out on that label shortly), and also makes up part of the group Tenebrious. On This is a Tourniquet of the Light, the Black Obituary. (period included on the release), both artists offer up oppressively bleak tracks that span over 20 minutes apiece. Continue reading

Review: Sky Burial, “Pas the Sarvering Gallack Seas and Flaming Nebyul Eye”

PTSGSAFNEAt five songs and well over an hour in duration, Pas is definitely not a light, buoyant work.  Opener “Na Fir Ghorm” is the shortest, clocking in at around eight and a half minutes, and sets the stage similar to last year’s “Carne[val]”, although this time with Nigel Ayers contributing.  The stuttering, static laden rhythm and bent music box sounds put an occult spin on carnival trappings, made all the more excruciating by the pained bagpipes of Craig McFarlane.

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Distro:Merzbow – Samidara 12″ LP (Placenta Recordings #217

z1front (lp)1. samidara
2. gran 1
3. ddr
All music by Masami Akita
Recorded and Mixed at Munemihouse, December 2009 – Japan
Cover art by MA
12″ Vinyl LP, Limited Edition of 250 copies!

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