Release: Big City Orchestra – Stanchenzza – or19


Bifurcated Cithara Orcin otherwise spelled as Big City Orchestra is a SF based group that has been around since the days or yore. Getting their start in the late 70’s with tape cassettes. Here we have a genuine audio CD  release. The real deal my friends. This is no snake oil  sales pitch. Enclosed you will find 6 tracks of mystifying delights, sea shanties and cosmic drones. Come one come all!

Replicated full color CD (not CDr) in Jewelcase with Glossy full color inserts on card stock

Click on links to hear an excerpt:

01. Dirt Road to Cliff 13:34
02. Opium 11:31
03. Pixied 5:54
04. Klangend 18:55
05. Golden2:01
06. Yuwewtue 13:47

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