Release: Contact Low – I Let This Turmoil Lead Me – or50

jcard_v01Artist statement: This tape encapsulates my personal experiences, traumatic events experienced as a child and teenager and the suffering from Clinical Depression Ihave suffered from starting at an early age. As an adult, I have realized that there is no real reason to exist, no one has any real cosmic purpose and that in some warped way, we are put here to endure. I carry all of my past failures on my flesh, I burn my flesh as a way to pay penance towards my wrong doing. Contact low is a conduit for all of the shit in my mind, a way of dealing with my suicidal depression and self doubt as well as a reflection of how I feel about my place in the world.

c45 cassette tape in Norelco box with Glossy BW inserts on card stock

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A1. Loneliness
A2. The Moment That I Tasted Your Lips I Knew It Was Over
A3. Love And Lacerations
A4. This Hatred Will Become Unbearable
B1. I Am To Blame
B2. Hostage Of The Heart
B3. I Want To Feel The Light Leave My Body
B4. In Closing

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