Release: HALALNIHIL – Mint Egy Nemzőképtelen Tiszavirág – or25

frontHalalnihil is a Hungarian Noise / Power Electronics project, what was formed in November 2010. Earlier materials had more Black Metal influence, but now, it’s mostly straightforward Noise / Power Electronics, in it’s own approarch, what Halalnihil uses – only the vocals remained in a black-ish tone, in some places.. This new material, called ‘Mint Egy Nemzőképtelen Tiszavirág’ (‘Like An Infertile Mayfly’) is the 7th EP the project.

A semi-concept release about virginity, sterilization, and sexual dysfunction.. or just simply, the utter disgust towards sexuality, in general. It’s also a precursor of a full-lenght Halalnihil release, about the topics, and themes. From calm, and well-timed field recording, to massive microphone noise blasts, a lot of things, and source sounds happen in the 19 minutes of the EP. Melody only appears in the last track, in a form of a distorted, and oscillating synthesizer riff. About the production, everything is clearly understandable, even with such a massive distortion, and loudness.. though not sounding polished, or sterile at all. ‘Mint Egy Nemzőképtelen Tiszavirág’ is beautiful, and ugly on the same level, and recommended to every people, who are into Noise, Power Electronics, and other experimental, but harder genres of electronic/electroacoustic music.


Duplicated full color CD in Jewelcase with Glossy full color inserts on card stock

Click on links to hear an excerpt:

01. Mint Egy Nemzőképtelen Tiszavirág 7:35
02. Shatter A Complacent Dominatrix 3:35
03. STGS + Vulva Scratching 5:48
04. The Virgin Cadaver Epilogue 2:58