Release: Puritan Sword – Discography – or08

Puritan Sword “Discography” is dark unsettling power electronics doused in aggressive harsh noise relentlessly pounding the listener for an entire hour here with
the discography of this short lived project from indiana featuring past members of projects like demonologists & crown of bone, short blasts of shrieking expressions of pain with every suffered breath mustered in this lifeless portrayal of dark experimental noise in the vein of deathpile, prurient & fire in the head.

Pro duplicated full color CDr in Jewelcase with Glossy full color inserts on card stock

Click on links to hear an excerpt of the tracks:

01- He wanted the nail

02- Blood has been shed

03- Destroying angels

04- Vengeance falls, eternal thirst

05- Heaven & hell

06- To survive myself i forged you like a weapon

07- Abstracted pale mourner

08- Loneliness in the hour of the dead

09- The solitude that you occupy

10- Distant vessels

11- Father needed

12- I love you still, among these cold things

13- You are to blame for this cruel sport

14- Wraith

15- Sex & drugs

16- Dipolar disorder

17- Temple of whores

18- Disgusting pig of a woman

19- Motherfucker

20- Kill thy father, rape thy mother

21- Hunter male

22- Rotten cunt

23- Murder perfected

24- Whore in the shattered mirror

25- Thy black hair of my true love

26- Discomfort

27- Forever bitter and longing for this pain to end

28- Sociopath

29- I cometh, you shalloweth

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