Review: Facialmess / Sleep Sessions* ‎– Excessive Force – Somnolent Shelter Records ‎– SSREC#021

facialmesssleepsessionsI received a copy of this release recently .. not that it matters but I didn’t realize it was released over a year ago.. well better late than never. The Somnolent website says it is sold out but there are currentlya few copies available on This release has had several favorable reviews to date. I listened to it several times before sitting down to put in my 2 cents.

I’ll first start with the packaging which is a professionally duplicated CDR in a regular jewel case. The artwork consists of BW photos of riot police and victims of rioting, graphic elements and the related texts. Given this imagery the audio assault contained within is presented in the appropriate context.

The two acts involved are certainly not newcomers to noise. Facialmess has been around since the mid 90’s and Sleep Sessions since 2005. Both artists deliver cutup harsh noise blasts with sample and hold thrills. The tracks from Facialmess include samples of what might be 90’s hardcore and the last track titled “Wasted Efforts” by Sleep Sessions is a sample of a young rapper saying “Fuck the Police”. These sentiments are perhaps a nod to musical attitudes of days gone past that are relevant today as they were. Maybe I’m wanting to read more into than there is.. it might have been cool if the concept was more fleshed out.

Overall it’s a pretty solid pairing of two noise artists.

“Somnolent Shelter Records”