Review Roundup Freak Hallucinations

Our first vinyl release here at Obfuscated Records has made a few waves both the audio and hyperbole kind. Here’s a roundup of some of the reviews.



Big Takeover “Though Merzbow’s Masami Akita is probably the single most prolific noisemaker in the world, his vinyl output has been extremely sparse. On this rare 12” outing, he joins forces with San Pedro’s premier black-grind-noisemongers for an epic release that will be a worthy addition to any noise fan’s collection.”

Foxy Digitalis “I haven’t really been listening to too much of Masami Akita‘s recent material, so I approached this release with a keen interest in where his head’s at these days. On this charred release, he’s brought one lengthy track, “Sugamo Flower Festival,” which immerses a resilient onslaught of mangled tuneful detritus in a frothing tank of harsh noise. The result is this disturbing juxtaposition between relentless, assaultive abrasion and what sounds like the flayed relics of human culture past, present, and future. ”

Grind To Death ” Throughout the release a constant stain of mind is placed through a slithering eeriness at first accompanied by a disconcerting vocal dialogue between an impish squawking and a more blood curdling diabolic monstrosity, but as the release progresses the experience becomes more intense placing a greater emphasis on rugged noise afflictions who bring the intimidating vibe of the release to the forefront, given more effect by the sprawling shimmers of disorientation. ”

Super Sonic Festival “Japan’s noise master Merzbow is one of the most insanely prolific artists alive today. Indeed, some times it can seem overwhelming trying to keep up to date (this year has seen the release of 2 mammoth 10 disc boxsets, ‘Merzphysics’ and ‘Merzmorphosis’) but this new split release with the equally fascinating Actuary should be high on your list of records to check out. “