Review: Sick Llama ‎– Born Again To Die – Hanson Records 2007

Well here is my first review to in the review section of Obfuscated Records. What happened to be on my turntable today happened to be this LP by Sick Llama that I acquired recently. Even though the LP was released in 2007 it’s still available from a number of sellers on Discogs.

I first witnessed the infamous Heath Moerland perform at a noise festival in Lansing MI in 2008. Anyway that was several years after this album was recorded and to my recollection it was fairly different sound but I recall being impressed with his set.

Both sides seem to feature vignettes of sound collages. These collages are comprised of tape manipulations, junk noise and what may be field recordings. There are many sections that I wanted to last longer before being jolted into the next vignette. I didn’t find this problematic but more so that I wanted more of those section which is not a bad thing. Some of these sections are haunting drones echoing with resonance with grumbling chunks of debris rolling underneath. One section sounds like cash registers in an industrial tumbler or perhaps too many hallucinogens taken at a pachinko parlor.

Side B continues with more vignettes and collages with variances. It ends with a nice locked groove that I didn’t really noticed was not changing for several minutes.. I let it keep going for even longer.

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