The album cover depicts a drawing of two kids laying in a cave.
I think the tracks within may be what they are hearing in that deep
cavern of earth.Throbbing synth bass like a lazer cannon in preparation
to fire and countless noizes swirling in a frenzy.From high end screeches and hissing static to low scraping noize and bellowing sub-bass movements.Soaring pulses and otherworldy experimentation.Bubbling sounds from other dimmensions.Towards the end it shifts into high gear and sounds like a space craft making an emergency landing in a fiery crash.So much intenisty as TASUKETEKUN takes us on a unique and thrilling ride through the cosmos. Just in track one alone this has everything you could want from and instrumental electronic/noize album.Blasts of sonic sound that go everywhere and nowhere. There is a ton of depth and so many things to discover with repeated listens.
Truly a great opening track.
From the insane high end conclusion of track one we are shoved straight into
Human Weapon.Ringing feedback on the extreme high end.Emergency shuttle
sounds blare out with hissing steam as we crash land on an alien world.The controls
squeal and bleet as they slowly die leaving us abandoned in the unknown.There is a
high sense of panick that fills the track.So now here we are left alone with no way to
fend for ourselves other than with ourselves.We must become human weapons or
possibly die in this strange uncharted land.The face of the planet meets us with hundreds of harsh noizes pulse all at once.Craters spill steam into the possibly toxic atmosphere. Warping bubbling tones rise along a glitching backdrop of threatening sound.It truly feels like being lost to elements that we have no experience in facing. Crashing blasts and razor sharp hits of strange noize.What sounds like some kind of engine fires up and dies.Saw like rythm cuts a path and brings everything to a shrill feedback before another wave of static noize and odd manipulation begins.Towards the end of the track we find insane sound manipulation at confusing speeds.Stunning with insanity.Again this  is a unique experience with great production and everything an experimental noize fan could possibly ask for.
Track two bleeds into light sleep in a monolithic wall of harsh noize.Sharp blades of noize pierce the skies of a strange horizon.It sorta feels like this is building up from where track two left off.There is a deep pulse with a rythm obscured behind the sheets of static and layers of whirling noize.Cloud bursts and thunder claps interrupt the orgy of sound and then mingle with them becoming one.An intercourse ritual of the inhabitants of this surreal world perhaps.What ever you want to call it…It is not “light sleep” or any sleep for that matter. Or maybe I am mistaken.Gotta love it when an album keeps you on your toes.Everything fades into a warm wave of static.Like watching a sunset on a cable channel that has turned to fuzz. And as the sun sets it shoots fourth a brilliant array of sound across the skyline until it falls into an industrial rythm accompanied by wailing winds of moaning feedback.There are times when this reminds me of MAMMAL or COMPACTOR and others where it is too strange and unique to compare to any other artists.Another harsh blast filled with high end shrieks and ringing feedback that seems to have no end.In a final triumphant attack of harsh noize we are overcome by the beings of this extra terrestrial enviornment and trapped there with no hope of returning.
Tired of life? Tired of the world around you? Need a lil mindless escapism?
Get this album and let it blast you into oblivion.A noize lover’s dream: