Release: Tenebrious / Crown of Bone – Epitaph Crusted Black – or20

This split is pure indiana blackened noise at it’s most volatile. Waves of reverb saturated industrial ambiance & celestial keyboard worship crash into you front door. The aftermath sucks the life out of the room leaving you in the ruins of a harsh noise death ritual. Are you prepared for an eternal trip through the 7 layers of hell?

Pro duplicated full color CDr in Jewelcase with Glossy full color inserts on card stock

Click on links to hear an excerpt:

01- A Emotion Displayed That Invites Nefarious Persuasion

02- With It’s Blood The Perverse Will Conceive A Ungodly Creation

03- Disciples That Willingly Preformed Immolation When Called Upon

04- A Blood Stained Altar

05- Chambers of Death & Decaying Flesh

06- Epitaph Crusted Black

07- Blood Silos

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