Release: To The Lovers, Farewell – Banister to the Throne Room -or16

or16To the Lover’s, Farewell. is a new project from the UK. Gathered from the imagery created by the artist himself there are many references to the self and mutilation of one’s self image or one’s relationships either by their own actions or by external forces. This audio work is no different, it is harsh and piercing, sound is mutilated in a digital context. Bits of sound are sliced, diced and destroyed by the machinations of digital teeth.

Pro duplicated full color CDr in Jewelcase with Glossy full color inserts on card stock

Click on links to hear an excerpt:

01. Bleed Out
02. Live Aktions
03. 32 Year Old Options
04. And Forever After
05. I Will Wait For You There
06. Just Call Me, Lets Straighten This Out
07. Never Thought It Could Be This Way

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